Saturday, January 3, 2009

Glico Giant Matcha Pocky

Giant Matcha Pocky

Here's another matcha snack from my friend who lives in Kyoto. I had seen these giant boxes of matcha Pocky when I was in Kyoto last fall, but didn't buy any because I'm not crazy about the normal-sized matcha Pocky. They're okay, but I figured these would be more of the same. I was pleasantly surprised!

The photo doesn't really capture the fact that these are giant sticks of Pocky. There are 18 individually wrapped sticks in the box. Unfortunately, the one I chose for the picture was broken in the bag, but none of the other ones I ate were.

The stick itself is great, with just a hint of a matcha flavor (and a slight green tint). It's crispy, a little sweet, and reminds me of small, round Japanese kids' crackers (I can't remember what they are called). The stick is coated in a thin layer of matcha chocolate. The chocolate has a strong matcha flavor, and captures a great balance of sweet and bitter without tipping the scales to either side.

I really enjoyed these, much more than regular sized matcha Pocky! The sticks make a fantastic, slightly sweet snack. Each stick has 2.4 grams of fat and just over 60 calories. I wish I had tried these sooner, they were delicious for a matcha fan like me!


Glico Website (Japanese)


Anonymous said...

I'm a big matcha lover but i didn't like this at all, it seemed more like mousse to me than chocolate, and the matcha flavour was not strong enough. I also thought the serving was too big, as in the pretzel amount. I prefer the normal size.

Good post :)

ebidebby said...

Huh, interesting! You're right about it being more like mousse than chocolate. And matcha flavor can always be stronger!

Thanks! :)

Par said...

Giant...I like a box of that.
I think I try the small version, it's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that they made giant matcha Pocky as well as the usual giant regular Pocky. I wonder if they will do some other flavors eventually.

ebidebby said...

I only saw this variety of Giant Pocky around Kyoto, so maybe they make location-specific flavors for other areas, too!