Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mindo Cinnamon Rustic Chocolate Bar

Mindo Cinnamon Rustic Chocolate Bar

My sister and her husband showered me with chocolate this Christmas, including this pretty Mindo Chocolate bar. Mindo is a single origin chocolate company that operates out of Ecuador and Michigan. Take a look at that ingredients list - just the good stuff.

The Cinnamon Rustic bar is a dark chocolate bar (the percentage isn't given, but everything on Mindo's website seems to be either 67 or 77%) with a pretty cinnamon/white chocolate garnish in the center. The bars were also given a lovely dusting of demerera sugar.

Mindo Cinnamon Rustic Chocolate Bar

The chocolate smelled of cinnamon and dark-roasted coffee beans, and it tasted very fruity with just a bit of acidity (almost like a raspberry). I'm not sure if there was any cinnamon in the bulk chocolate, but I couldn't taste it. The drizzle was sweet and creamy with a mildly spicy cinnamon flavor. Cinnamon can be overpowering, but I wish the cinnamon had been a little stronger, or that the drizzle had been uniform across the whole bar (it looks better on the website).

The bar had an interesting texture. There were sugar crystals throughout the chocolate that gave it a grainy crunch (in a good way - maybe that's what makes it "rustic"). The bar itself had a nice snap and a smooth melt. It had a clean finish with no stickiness or lingering aftertaste. The bites that had both drizzle and chocolate were the best; I just wish there had been more of those bites.


Mindo Chocolate website


Barbara said...

Wow. I live in MI and have never heard of this brand. Must check it out-love cinnamon!

ebidebby said...

Mindo has a lot of great looking bars! I hope you enjoy them when you find them. :)

Anonymous said...

From the picture, I would say that the bar you received was made in September, when the latest chocolate maker was still learning the ropes. The bars are supposed to have more (and thinner) lines coating more of the bar. If you were to purchase the same bar now, it would have the correct design and more cinnamon flavor.