Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thorntons Chocolates


Dear readers, you may recall that my boss visits her family in the United Kingdom once or twice a year, and she is so kind that she often brings me some chocolate back "in exchange" for watering her plants while she's away. I firmly insist that this arrangement is lopsided in my favor, but I very much appreciate the chocolate.

Today, I'm reviewing two of the four bars pictured above, and the other two will be posted soon. I started with the Bakewell Tart, because it just sounded delicious, and Sea Salt & Lemon, because the combination was new to me. Both are milk chocolate bars, and they came very highly recommended by my boss and her husband.

Bakewell Tart Bakewell Tart

The packaging for this bar is adorable, and the description alone sounded delightful. It certainly delivered on aroma, smelling of milk and almonds. Although the bar got a bit damaged in transit, you can see the raspberry bits and waffle pieces embedded in the milk chocolate. The almond flavor was along the lines of amaretto, sweet and almost cherry-like, which was a perfect companion for the tarter raspberry pieces.

The chocolate was sweet and a bit sticky, but the milky flavor went well with the fruit. The waffle pieces added a wonderful crunch, though I wasn't crazy about the texture of the raspberry seeds. Overall, every flavor was executed wonderfully and those flavors melded for a delicious bar. A

Lemon and Sea Salt Lemon and Sea Salt

Lemon & Sea Salt fared a bit better in transit, which was great, because the design on the bar was very pretty. The snap of the bar was firm for milk chocolate, and there was a slight lemony aroma. The salt was  sparse, but so good with the lemon. I never would have guessed (but I should have, as I love a salt rimmed margarita)! It was a bit sour, a bit salty, and wonderful.

The chocolate was rich, smooth, and delicious. For some reason, I didn't feel like this bar was sticky, even though the cocoa percentage and source were the same as the Bakewell Tart. The salt added a tiny crunch to break up the smooth texture. Finally, the finish was nice and clean. I was so sad to see this bar go! A+

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