Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Butlers Honeycomb Crisp

Butlers Honeycomb Crisp

Lately, Butlers chocolate bars have been popping up in my area superstores. Later, I learned that Butlers is an Irish luxury chocolate brand, but I'm never sure what to expect when I find a new brand at Wal-Mart or Meijer (though I've been pleasantly surprised before). This bar made up my mind for me; how could I resist honeycomb?

My husband was raised on honeycomb. I didn't even know it was edible until I met him (and by edible, he meant 'suck the honey out and chew on the wax until you're bored of it'). My prior exposure was limited to the tasty but not very filling cereal of the same name.

Butlers Honeycomb Crisp

The bar was lumpy on the back (and I love a good textured bar), and the bits of honeycomb and crisp rice revealed themselves when the bar was broken. The milk chocolate itself was firm and only a bit sticky, and it had a nice, mild cocoa flavor (32% cocoa according to the package). Milk chcoolate can put me off at times, but I really enjoyed it here.

The crisp rice and honeycomb bits gave the bar a delightfully flaky texture, as well as a slight caramelized sugar flavor. I didn't really get any honey notes from the bar, but the cocoa and caramel-like flavors melded well without being overly sweet. The crunch was really the stand out feature of this bar, and I was impressed.


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Megan at No Nekkid Nails said...

I literally LOL'd at that comment about the Honeycomb cereal! :) I haven't eaten honeycomb myself... but I am now totally curious about this chocolate!!