Monday, February 28, 2011

Tirol Mini Variety Pack

Tirol Mini Variety Pack Tirol Variety

Diving right into my new Tirol selection, I'll start with this mini variety pack. Of the 3 flavors, 2 are new to me: Mango and Pachi-Can (popping candy) Soda. Milk is a classic Tirol flavor that I've had many times before but never reviewed.

I'm not sure why the bag says Thank You, but I guess it's Tirol's way of thanking anyone who purchases their products. Well, Tirol is most certainly welcome (though I can't really accept their thanks, since this was a gift), and the brand has such a good track record that I'd like to thank Tirol, too.

Tirol Mango

Tirol flavors with gummy centers rarely disappoint, and Mango was no exception. The white chocolate had a mild mango flavor, and it wasn't too sweet. The center was tart and authentically mango. The texture reminded me of the actual fruit, and Mango was definitely my favorite flavor in the bag. A

Tirol Pachi Can Soda

Pachi-Can Soda smelled and tasted like the Japanese soda Ramune, but the white chocolate was slightly soapy and floral. Despite that, this one was packed with tart, citrusy popping candy. It was really original and fun! The pops weren't too intense, and the tartness of the candy helped the chocolate taste better. B

Tirol Milk

Milk is not my favorite Tirol flavor. The best thing about it is probably this little cow on the wrapper. Milk didn't really seem to go with the set, since the other chocolates were fruity (and Milk unfortunately seemed to pick up some of the soda flavor during storage). The milk chocolate was very creamy, enhanced by the milk-flavored center, but it has a very mild and slightly soured flavor that I don't enjoy. C+

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Anonymous said...

OMG! It looks so pretty, I would definitely have snatched this up myself if I could.
Mango is one of my favorite flavors! Ooh, ramune. I like the candies, but sometimes I feel like it's overdone. Like...a cliché, except for a flavor.
I agree, milk doesn't seem to really go along with the other flavors in this pack.

Japaniamz said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that the mango one was good! I can't imagine it as a Tirol but I would like to try it now! I agree about the Milk flavour - the packaging looks cute but it doesn't taste that great!