Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Country Ma'am Ujikintoki Cookies

Country Ma'am Uji Kintoki Cookies

Since I don't live in Japan, Country Ma'am cookies are something to which I have very little exposure. On my last visit to Kyoto, I tried a kinako version that was tasty, but I think that's the only time I've had them. You can read several reviews of different types of Country Ma'am cookies at Japanese Snack Reviews.

Ujikintoki is a type of Japanese shaved ice dessert (kakigori) made with matcha syrup and red bean toppings. The package suggested putting the cookies in the refrigerator to simulate the shaved ice dessert. To get the full effect, I tried three different preparation methods: straight out of the bag, one hour in the refrigerator, and 20 seconds in the microwave.

Uji Kintoki Cookie

Straight out of the bag, the cookie was grainy and very sweet, but it had a soft and chewy texture. The matcha and azuki flavors were subtle, and I also tasted brown sugar. The chocolate chips seemed downplayed by the other flavors.

Refrigeration brought out the chocolate and azuki flavors, but the matcha was almost undetectable. Also, the cold made the cookie a little crunchy and I prefer a softer chew.

I'd definitely recommend going with the microwave option. The warm, buttery cookie had a nice chocolate and matcha scent, and they were so soft and gooey. They tasted like brown sugar or molasses with less azuki flavor and a little more matcha.


Fujiya website


Orchid64 said...

I saw this one and thought about it several times, but just couldn't bring up the enthusiasm to try it. I'm glad you sampled it, and liked it!

Thanks for the link!

ebidebby said...

You're welcome! I love reading your Country Ma'am reviews. Chips Ahoy's idea of a limited edition flavor is using different colored chocolate chips for each Holiday. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

AH!!! I really want to try this. I've seen this and the original Country Ma'am around, but I haven't gotten a chance to buy it. It just feels like so much, because its $5 and such a big bag. Haha.

ebidebby said...

This one only had five cookies in it...I wish it had more!