Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hageland Peru 64% Dark Chocolate


By now, I've come to trust that any Hageland bar I try is going to be pretty good at least. From the very light (not my favorite) to the very dark (too dark for daily enjoyment), they've all been pretty tasty.

The Peru bar lands somewhere in the middle at 64% cocoa. Unlike the other bars, there was no information on the type of cocoa beans used, other than that they were grown in Peru. The ingredients, as I've come to expect from Hageland, are just the essentials - no fillers or artificial/superfluous flavors.


The bar smelled nutty and a bit like a campfire. It had a great snap, and at first, I was hit with fruitiness, and even a hint of a flavor that reminded me of graham crackers. As it melted on my tongue, it was slightly cool, a little sweet, and rich with a fairly clean finish.

This might be my favorite Hageland bar yet. The sweetness from the lower cocoa percentage was a perfect mate for the still slight bitter flavor, and I loved the complexity. It had plenty of sweetness without the sticky, cloying feeling milk chocolate gives me. Hageland's Peru bar just might become a chocolate staple in my house.


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