Friday, July 18, 2008

Glico Melonpan Pretz

Melonpan Pretz

Pretz is very hit-or-miss to me. I find that most of the flavors taste strongly of preservative, but some mask it better than others. Amazingly, matcha Pretz was a kind I didn't enjoy (and I like everything matcha). Salad, Tomato, and Pizza are all right, certainly addictive, but this one, this Melonpan Pretz, is fantastic.

Melonpan is a pastry (pan = bread) that is named more for how it looks than how it tastes. Think of a sweet bread topped with a thin sugar cookie coating, scored to look like a fancy melon. I've heard there are some recipes that use actual melon or pineapple extract, but for the most part, it's as described above.

Well, these Pretz DO taste (and smell) like melonpan, and actually a little bit like melon, too. They are less dense than regular Pretz, and a little flatter and wider. The coating is sugary and somehow, the taste is pretty accurate!

Although the preservative taste was there a little bit, it was low for Pretz and ignorable. My husband couldn't taste it at all, so maybe it was just my imagination. Either way, we both really enjoyed this snack! The four loaded bags inside the box were gone in two days, and normally, even the good flavors of Pretz sit in the cupboard until they get stale.


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Anonymous said...

We have a little Korean bakery/coffee shop in town that does pineapple bread like what is on the cover of the Melonpan Pretz box and it never occurred to me that the Pretz crispityness was supposed to match the crispy bun top. The crispy top is the best part of the pineapple buns, why didn't I think of that? *headsmack*

I'm also not entirely sure where the rest of our melon Pretz went to either but they are definitely gone. Heh.

ebidebby said...

I'm sure they got eaten. These things are delicious.