Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Orbit Pina Colada Gum

Orbit Pina Colada

I'll admit it - my heart did a little dance of joy when I saw this gum at the grocery store. Orbit is my favorite brand of gum, and rarely am I disappointed by it. One such case was the recent flavor, the polarizing Positively Pomegranate, which tasted good but had a bizarre texture. I should pick up another pack to see if anything has changed.

On the topic of this flavor, both my husband and I thought we had tried Pina Colada gum before but couldn't remember a specific instance. In any case, the gum came home with us because I couldn't resist.

Orbit Pina Colada

It smelled like toasted coconut, which might instantly put off some people, but I can't imagine those people choosing to buy this gum. The piece was hard at first, and took some tough chewing to get started. It was fruity and sour on the tongue, and sweet coconut dominated the flavor profile, with a background pineapple and a hint of mint.

The sweetness was the first to go, after a couple minutes, and then it was just a mild coconut. The mint hung around for a while, and the leftover flavor wasn't bad. There were occasional bursts of pineapple as I continued chewing. The gum seemed to get harder as I chewed, and had somewhat of a rubbery texture. It became a workout for my jaw after about 15 minutes. Despite this, the flavor was tasty and original, and it makes a great addition to the Orbit line up.

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Connie said...

I just bought a pack today and I liked it...though sadly my pack seems to have the issue that the limited edition of the pomegranate, it disintegrates in your mouth :/ not a fan of that at all....still was good overall

ebidebby said...

Oh no! That didn't happen with mine this time. Weird how it comes and goes. I haven't yet bought another pack of the Pomegranate to see if it's been fixed.

orbit gum said...

Oh my goodness. I love Pina Colada and I love Orbit. This is going to be my next purchase. Yum.

Sydney said...

This is my favorite flavor of gum EVER- It's really rare where I live, though, it's not in any stores. D: I have to search gas stations wherever I go, and I've only found it three times in my life... The past two times I've gotten every pack they had in the store, Lol. 2 the second time and 3 the third. :P So delicious- Mine isn't hard, though?

Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE this flavor gum! i can't find it anywhere anymore, but just read target carries it... i will be driving to target to pick up at least 5 packs!!!!