Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bissinger's Key Lime Chocolate Bar

Key Lime Chocolate

This is a lovely chocolate bar. I purchased it at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago, entirely for looks. Later, I noticed that it was all natural, and the white chocolate swirl in the middle of the bar was colored with turmeric and green plant extract. I'm not a stickler for all-natural stuff, but that's pretty cool.

The combination of chocolate and key lime conjures up images of central Florida souvenir shops. Aside from having everything under the sun, all under a ridiculously gaudy exterior, there's usually a section of touristy treats like key lime mini-pies and chocolates.

Key Lime Chocolate

Again, the bar itself is gorgeous. The first whiff was fruity, and reminded me of lime-flavored Tootsie Rolls, but in a good way. The chocolate had a good snap with a mild and subtle lime flavor, made from lemon zest oil, key lime flavor, and citric acid. The effect was a nice gradient of sweet-to-sour, but the citrus flavor gave the bar a very slightly odd aftertaste.

I liked the smooth, cool texture and feel of the chocolate. All in all, it was a very fresh, tasty bar. According to the back of the box, this is dark chocolate, but it was definitely on the lighter side. No cocoa percentage was given, but it did suit the lime. While I'm not in love with the flavor combination, it was well executed and made for a tasty treat. I'd love to try more from Bissinger's, and from the looks of their website, they have tons of pretty, swirly bars to try.


Bissinger's website


Kelly said...

This looks interesting and I bet it would make a great gift too!!

Thanks for the interesting review. :)

Marvo said...

It is quite pretty to look at. It looks like coffee art. I'm not a fan of lime, so I'll probably try another flavor.

Par said...

Mmmm anything with key lime get my attention. Maybe it's time to shop at whole food...

boo said...

Awww man, this looked like it would be fantabulous. I'm disappointed that it didn't live up to the looks 'cuz it would give me an excuse to visit Whole Foods.