Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stride Uber Bubble

Stride Uber Bubble

I am a big fan of blowing bubbles with gum. I try not to chew gum at work because the temptation of blowing bubbles is too great. I think it makes me look childish and it gets gum on my glasses.

It doesn't necessarily have to be bubble gum, and in fact, I prefer other flavors. One of my favorite gums for blowing bubbles was Dentine Ice vanilla. Still, bubble gum is a nostalgic flavor, and every now and then it's nice to have.

Stride Uber Bubble

It smelled like bubble gum, and with the first could chews, there was a sour bubble gum flavor. It was a little fruity, a lot of sweet, and had a bouncy chew. My husband called it a more refined bubble gum flavor. Most of the tang was gone after a few minutes, and the remaining flavor was more typical bubble gum.

Unfortunately, the bubble gum didn't actually work well for blowing bubbles. Although the nostalgic flavor was tasty, bubble gum without the bubble seems a little pointless to me. At least it was a good bubble gum flavor. I guess that's what "Uber Bubble" means.


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Kelly said...

Ooh nice to see a different flavour of bubble gum. I've only ever seen "hubba bubba" in Australia.

That said, last time you reviewed the gum with the black case, I then saw it in my supermarket, so maybe I'll be lucky this time as well!

The colour of the bubble gum really appeals to my girly side though, that bright pink, it's wicked!

ebidebby said...

I hope you can find it! And I agree, the hot pink is fantastic!