Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trident Layers Green Apple + Golden Pineapple

Trident Layers

While grocery shopping, this gum called out to me in the checkout, as new things often do. I've had some bad luck with non-Orbit fruity gum, but the idea of layered gum was too intriguing and gimmicky to resist.

If you take a look at the picture below and compare it with the picture above, you might notice that the actual gum is not green-yellow-green like the cover, but yellow-green-yellow. I'm not sure if the layers are actually flavored differently, or if it's just for show, like an Andes mint. The discrepancy wasn't really upsetting, just an odd marketing choice. In fact, I hoped it meant that the gum would be heavier on the pineapple side. I was completely wrong.

Trident Layers

The green band in the middle of the gum made it look neat, but it was very sticky and soft, making the gum a little messy to take out of the wrapper. As for the flavor, the pineapple was completely undetectable unless I used my imagination, and I never would have thought it was there if the package didn't say so.

The gum was a little on the soft side for chewing, and although it was very juicy, it was a basic sour green apple gum that reminded me of children's bubble gum. After a while (maybe 10 minutes), the flavor became stale, and wasn't doing my breath any favors. This gum was disappointing, since it tasted like fake apple and nothing else, but I can't say I hated it. I won't buy this flavor again, but I'd be willing to try others.

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Anonymous said...

Wow it's pretty looking!
Sucks that Britian doesn't have the awesome choice of gum you guys get, but with this one I doubt we're missing much!

Kelly said...

Wow, I wonder why they did the exact opposite on the package? Maybe they thought too much pineapple was a bad thing.

It's funny to see that the other review you linked to, didn't like it either, but all her commenters do!

I had no idea this existed, I don't think we get it in Aus. Thanks for an interesting review! :)

ebidebby said...

Poppet - It is nice to have such a variety, and for all the hits, there are plenty of misses like this one.

Kelly - My husband liked it, but the apple just didn't do it for me.

Thank you both for commenting!