Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nestle Salt and Caramel KitKat

KitKat Salt and Caramel

This flavor has been recycled many times since Nestle Japan started selling limited edition KitKats, but this might be the first time I've tried it. Salted caramels were quite trendy a few years ago, and even though the sweets industry has mostly moved on, the combination is still good.

The packaging feels a little nautical, and I like that. My bar was a little melted, since it came from Japan in the summer (and I'm just getting around to it, yikes), but it still had its structural integrity, so I doubt the flavor was affected.

KitKat Salt and Caramel

The chocolate had a strong caramel scent with just a hint of salt. When I bit into it, it was apparent that the wafers were very salty and that the caramel flavor seemed to come from the chocolate. The two tastes came together nicely for a savory flavor.

I do enjoy the ratio of wafer to chocolate in the larger KitKat, especially when the flavors are done well. The salt mostly kept the sweetness of the milk chocolate in check, and the bar easily defeated my craving for salty/sweet.


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storybookdreamer said...

Yum! It sounds good :)
I have yet to try a "big bar" of Kit Kat yet. :P The only one I had was the Framboise, and that was SOOOO good! XD

ebidebby said...

I really liked the Framboise, too! Sometimes the big bar doesn't work with white chocolate, but I hope you get to try a good one!

Anonymous said...

haha. just scrolling through your blog i see you coincidentally purchase and review a lot of B+ quality products

ebidebby said...

Guilty! It's true - I use that rating a lot. I think I'm too nice! For me, a C is more bad than average - D and F are for things I really hate!