Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kabaya Rilakkuma Pretzel Butter Flavor

Rilakkuma Pretzel
Press Sample

Hey, this makes two Kabaya reviews in a row! Instead of gummies, it's a Kabaya take on Glico Pretz, with a cute mascot character (Rilakkuma) tie-in. This snack was kindly provided by

Rilakkuma is basically a couch potato. His name comes from the English word relax and the Japanese word kuma, which means bear. He spends most of his time relaxing, presumably stuffing his face with cookies like on the package.

Rilakkuma Pretzel

The design on the inner bag was strikingly adorable. Although the package says pretzel, the sticks are more like crackers (basically naked Pocky). They smelled like buttered toast, and had a fresh, appetizing crunch.

The flavor was slightly sweet, salty, and buttery without being oily. I didn't detect a preservative aftertaste, and had no trouble finishing the whole bag (160 calories) in one sitting. Although addictive, they were pretty basic as far as snacks go. Still, they definitely satisfied my craving for crunchy.


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Anonymous said...

CUTEEE! I have a pack waiting for me too. Except my cover design is different from yours. LOL. I love Rilakkuma.

ebidebby said...

Oh, I love when they put different box designs on these types of snacks! I'll look forward to seeing yours!

Kawaii Jen said...

These are delicious! I'm so glad they are hard to find here or I'd be eating them all the time. Lol. I've never seen this packaging before. So cute!

Unknown said...

I like these Japanese butter flavor pretzels; they are unfortunately hard to find here. The cover design is interesting:) Ok... I'll need to leave now... because I must think about how to write a research paper proposal. This task is difficult for me!