Friday, November 12, 2010

Lotte Double Berry Cheesecake Toppo

Toppo Double Berry Cheesecake

In a world of endless Pocky-like snacks, Toppo is one of my favorites. I usually like it better than Pocky (with the exception of those fancy dessert mousse types of Pocky), so I was excited to try a new flavor.

However, in a world of endless desserts, cheesecake is not my favorite. Oh sure, a bite is good, but it's often just too rich for me - even New York style (though it is better). It could have something to do with the lactose intolerance, but if I'm picking the dessert, it's almost certainly not going to be cheesecake.

Toppo Double Berry Cheesecake

The Toppo smelled strongly of cheese (yep, I took a Lactaid) but not cheesecake. The cheese flavor was quite subtle and didn't seem like cheesecake at all. Mostly, I tasted the strawberry and blueberry flavors, but they had a slight soapiness about them.

The pretzel was standard, slightly sweet and salty Toppo fare, with a slight preservative-like aftertaste. The whole thing left a little oily residue behind, but it wasn't bad. The soapy berry flavors turned me off, and I definitely prefer regular chocolate Toppo to this limited edition.



H said...

looks yummy

ebidebby said...

It looked better than it tasted. Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Eck, LOL. For me, I prefer Pocky over Toppo. I had the Tiramisu one and it didn't win me over.
I loveee cheesecake. Well, not a die hard fan of it, because I do easily get sick of it. But there's one I really like, it's a frozen kind from...Sara Lee, I think or something like that. It's super yummy! :)

ebidebby said...

I'll have to try that Sara Lee cheesecake! Thanks for commenting :)