Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Butterbeer


Along with candy and chocolate, Harry Potter is another one of my great loves. Shortly before the fourth book was released in the summer of 2000, I was introduced to the series, and have been a rabid an avid fan ever since. When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released in 2007, I was feeling bittersweet, but I remember thinking, at least I have the movies to look forward to.

With the recent release of the last movie, I thought it'd be a good time to post a little non-review of the Butterbeer served at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Florida. My husband and I went there in June on vacation, and it was like a dream. Even though my husband is not really a Potter enthusiast, he had a blast there as well.


After riding The Forbidden Journey (which was incredible) and the Dragon Challenge, we headed to the Hog's Head Pub to beat the heat. There's only one way to cool off in Hogsmeade, and that's with an ice cold Butterbeer. Only available in the Harry Potter section of the park, Butterbeer comes on ice or frozen, and both varieties are about $3 US.

The regular, on ice variety smelled of cream and mild soda. The bartender first dispensed the amber-colored soda, then topped it with a fascinating bit of magic in the form of a thick white cream. The soda tasted like mild cream soda with hints of butter and vanilla, but the topping was incredible. It was thick and frothy and reminded me of marshmallow fluff, only smoother. It had a lovely vanilla flavor with a hint of saltiness, and seemed to expand and bubble with the carbonated soda, so that there was soda and cream in every single sip.

Here's that magical topping in action!

Later that evening, we returned to the Harry Potter area to ride the Forbidden Journey again, and top off the night with a frozen Butterbeer and a Pumpkin Fizz. Again, the bartender first dispensed the Butterbeer, this time a frozen slurry, and then the magical topping. Because the topping comes out of the tap at around room temperature, it melted some of the frozen Butterbeer, dripping down the inside of the cup.

The frozen Butterbeer was much denser and thicker than the regular variety. If it was carbonated, I didn't notice, and the buttery flavor was much richer. While I really enjoyed it, neither my husband nor I could quite finish it, as it was a much more filling beverage.

Pumpkin Fizz and Butterbeer

I should also mention the Pumpkin Fizz; when I ordered Pumpkin Juice, the bartender recommended a Pumpkin Fizz instead - half juice and half club soda. Apparently, the Pumpkin Juice on its own is nearly unbearably sweet, and the soda cuts down on the sweetness. The Pumpkin Fizz was still sweet, but it was tasty and refreshing. The pumpkin pie spices were great: cinnamon and nutmeg were easily detected. It was much easier to finish than the frozen Butterbeer!

I expected Butterbeer to be more like a thick butterscotch than a fancy cream soda, but I wasn't disappointed at all. Harry and his friends drink it warm in the books, but that's not practical in the Florida heat. The Harry Potter-themed beverages were highly enjoyable and not terrible overpriced (for a theme park).

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is an absolute delight for fans of the books and movies, but anyone would have fun there. It's absolutely worth the admission price! If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my fangirlish raving. Are any of you Harry Potter fans? The last movie was amazing, wasn't it?

Hog's Head Pub


Lot-O-Choc said...

Love this post :) so sad that harry potter is over :( when i went to the park i didnt end up trying any butter beer :( wish i had. got a chocolate frog to take home though that was tasty yum!

Anonymous said...

The Butterbeer looks fantastic. Yummo!
I loved the final movie so much :)
Now to go back and watch them all in order...

ebidebby said...

Lot-O-Choc - Thanks for commenting! I am so sad that it's over, too, but will certainly reread and rewatch many times over! I have a Chocolate Frog that I haven't tried yet - hope you get to go back and try the Butterbeer!

Pretty Pretty Yum Yum - It was so yummy! I've gotta rewatch them all, too. Must figure out which is my favorite!

A Lost Feather said...

i've been dying to know what butterbeer actually tasted like :) thanks for the great description! i might be going to the park in february- going down to florida with some friends. i can't waaaaait!

Unknown said...

Hi there! I realize this is an old post but I am hoping you will still see my comment! About 2 - 3 months ago I went to the Wizarding World and unfortunately didn't discover Pumpkin Fizz until the last hour the park was open. Needless to say I fell in LOVE with it and am devastated to have only had one cup. Earlier you mention Pumpkin Fizz and describe it as Pumpkin Juice with club soda. I'm curious if this is how the bartender told you it was made? Or if you are thinking that that's what it seemed like? I would LOVE to be able to purchase some Pumpkin Juice online and add club soda and have another cup of Pumpkin Fizz. Thank you so much!