Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mariebelle Dark Chocolate with Strawberry

Marie Belle Dark Chocolate with Strawberry

Last time I visited my local fancy grocer, I went nuts buying chocolate. The shelves were loaded with products labeled as "new" or "just in" and I am physically incapable of resisting that sort of marketing!

This Mariebelle bar is one of the new products I bought. The square shape reminds me of Ritter Sport, but I found the packaging to be much more country-cute than the simple and modern Ritter Sport. The bar itself, as you can see in the next pic, reminded me of Legos, and I really loved the look of it!

Marie Belle Dark Chocolate with Strawberry

The bar smelled strongly and delightfully of strawberries; it was just loaded with little chunks of fruit! The chocolate was dark and deep but slightly sweet at 65% cacao, giving the bar a bit of a bitter scent.

The freeze-dried strawberry bits gave the bar a nice crunch and a lovely fresh fruit flavor. The tartness and sweetness of the strawberry was well matched with the slightly bitter chocolate. In contrast to the fruity crunch, the chocolate melted smoothly and a bit cool on the tongue.

It's odd, because I liked this bar for the same reason my husband didn't - the dehydrated strawberries. They really make or break the bar, depending on your personal tastes. It reminded me of fruity breakfast cereal - I love that texture!


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Kattay said...

buying chocolates is addictive, seriously! all those colorful wrappers, inviting you...

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks delicious. Dark chocolate is my favorite, and the freeze dried strawberries sound amazing. And it reminds of legos too!
I went to Japantown recently and I found the Meiji Mango chocolate! So of course, I had to buy it, I'm excited to try it. I also got the Look Matcha Anmitsu, looking forward to that too. :)