Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nestle Yakiimo KitKat Bar

KitKati Yakiimo

I've been hanging onto this Grilled Sweet Potato KitKat for a while, as it was the last thing in my candy stash, and the only KitKat I've had recently. I've restocked my stash, but I haven't bought any new KitKats as it's been too hot to have them shipped to my house.

Summer is in full swing where I live. Even in my air-conditioned house, my cats stretch out as far as they possibly can on the kitchen floor for maximum cooling. Forgive me a little cat tangent, but my cats have a really funny way of stretching out. They both do it.

The Yakiimo KitKat smelled like potato, but it tasted a bit like lemon. The white chocolate coating on the large bar was very thick, and had an extremely mild flavor. I didn't taste the potato much, just a hint at right away (mostly attributed to the scent).

I liked the lemony, sweet flavor, and the buttery texture of the chocolate was nice. It didn't seem too sweet, but there wasn't much going on in terms of flavor at all. It reminded me very much of the Daigakuimo KitKat, but since both were sweet potato-based, that's not surprising. It was good, but bland.


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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your cats are so cute ! :D
This sounds pretty good, though I probably wouldn't dare try it. I'm not a big fan of odd flavors just yet.

ebidebby said...


If you were to try this KitKat without seeing the wrapper, you might not know it was supposed to be potato. I certainly wouldn't! That seems to be the case with many odd flavored KitKats, except for that awful muscat grape one...

Kattay said...

Aww, your cats *o* So adorable! (So yes, I'll forgive you for your cat tangent. :'D)

It's interesting that it tastes like lemon, though. Yakiimo is just, literally, "cooked potato." Maybe because by itself, it wouldn't have anything distinguishable. XD;