Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bourbon Matcha ChocoChip Puchi Cookies

Bourbon Matcha Chocochip cookies
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I haven't thought about this kind of cookie much since I spent the summer of 2004 at a university in Nagoya, Japan, but I used to get them all the time at the local Valor (a Wal-Mart type department store). I can remember many different kinds of these tiny cookie tubes, including vanilla cream sandwiched and chocolate chip, but of course, matcha suits me best.

It would have never occurred to me to order this type of cookie for myself, but now that I have some, I realize I missed them. These Matcha ChocoChip cookies were provided by, an online shop with an extensive selection of Japanese candy as well as some other specialty items.

Bourbon Matcha Chocochip cookies

The scent of matcha was definitely noticeable, along with the familiar aroma of packaged cookies. They had a nice, crunchy texture with vanilla notes that reminded me of Chips Ahoy (or other branded chocolate chip cookies). The grassy and delicate matcha flavor was certainly there, if a little weak, and it went very well with the slightly bitter chocolate chips.

If you exert a little self control, these tiny cookies make great little indulgent snacks. The are around 25 mm in diameter, and even if you eat the whole package, it's still under 300 calories. I enjoyed mine with a cup of green tea. My only complaint is that the matcha flavor could have been stronger, but that's just because I'm a matcha nut.


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Nat said...

I love Bourbon mini biscuits! :) The chocolate chips ones are my favorite. However, I have never seen Matcha ChocoChip in the supermarkets here. :( I guess I'll have to keep looking. Looks good!