Friday, May 28, 2010

Tirol Premium Apple Pie

Apple Pie Tirol

Pie as I know it is one of those things that is hard to come by in Japan. I'm sure it's available, but commercial "pie" snacks in Japan are often extremely dry, flaky, and don't suit my tastes at all. For example, Lotte's Pie no Mi is a Japanese snack I just don't enjoy, no matter how many chances I give it.

Still, this Apple Pie Tirol came so highly recommended that I had to try it. Both Japanese Snack Reviews and NapaJapan (where I purchased them) gave glowing reviews. I should mention that I'm not huge on apple-flavored things (though I love apples), so add a letter grade if you love apple sweets. Bonus points if you manage to find the ones with Toy Story 3 wrappers (scroll to the bottom)!

Apple Pie Tirol

There was a very strong apple smell with just a hint of spices. The first bit was at first a bit fake, but the apple flavor got better as I chewed. The crispy/crunchy bits (which seemed like puffed rice) brought out the cinnamon taste, and the white chocolate did a fine job of holding it all together (almost like pie a la mode).

It seemed like there was some chewy sort of apple pulp within the square, which was a nice touch. I was worried that the pie element would be like other Japanese pies, but it was a nice, crunchy and non-flaky texture. I was reminded of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios or some other apple cereal more than pie, but found these to be a pleasant surprise from Tirol!


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Orchid64 said...

I sent some of these to my sister, and I think her response was similar to yours. I think I was simply a greater fan of the textural mix and was willing to overlook the strong apple flavor (and really, it did get better).

I haven't seen the Toy Story wrappers here, but it could be that they're going to sell out all of the others first or carry them in only selected stores. The Gundam cherry Tirol Premium candies were never sold in my area at all, so even a place in central Tokyo with tons of conbini doesn't get everything.

ebidebby said...

My husband liked it much more than I did, but he loves apple flavor.

That is interesting that the Toy Story wrappers are hard to come by even in Tokyo.

amy said...

oooooohhh so cute!!! i love apple flavoured things. and apple pie flavoured is even better