Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nestle Raspberry KitKat

Raspberry Otona no Amasa

For those of us who find most white chocolate KitKats to be too sweet, Nestle Japan has an answer. They have expanded their line of "adult sweetness" KitKats with a few more limited edition flavors. Recently, I've tried both Raspberry and Matcha, but as I like to save the best for last, I'll start with Raspberry. A friend of my sister's brought this back from Japan, and again, my sister was kind enough to share.

This is mostly unrelated, but recently, I made white cake for my mother's birthday, and my husband made a raspberry filling from fresh raspberries. The filling was so good that we added too much, and when the cake was frosted, the filling came oozing out the sides like blood from a wound. So don't overfill your cakes, unless you were going for the bloody look anyway.

Raspberry Otona no Amasa

The bar smelled of raspberry and butter, a bit like a fancy soap you might find in a guest bathroom. The raspberry flavor was tart and sharp, and the KitKat delivered on its promise of reduced sweetness. The white chocolate gave the bar a mild, milky flavor without adding the burning aftertaste of too much sugar.

The wafers tasted a bit different, too, and according to the box, they've been refined. This gave the bar a slightly grittier, softer texture rather than the signature KitKat wafer crunch, but the texture was still enjoyable. This was my first raspberry KitKat, so I don't know how it compares to the regular, non-adult version, but it was a nice change of pace from strawberry.


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