Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meiji Crunchy Biscuit Chocolate

Meiji Crunchy Biscuit Chocolate

I've always liked cookie bits in chocolate, so Meiji Crunchy Biscuit Chocolate was an easy pick during my most recent napaJapan order. There's something about the texture combination that really appeals to me; for example, I don't normally like Oreos, but coat them in chocolate and I'm there.

Since I really can't think of anything to say here, bear with me as I throw in another quick promotion for the Trident Layers Giveaway, which ends tomorrow! Now, on with the review.

Meiji Crunchy Biscuit Chocolate

The bar was stamped with a lovely texture (I'm glad my camera captured it) and it had a rich, warm cocoa scent. From the first bite, I enjoyed the crunchy texture and slightly bitter chocolate flavor of the cookie bits, which added depth to the sweeter, milky chocolate of the bar.

The crunchy and creamy combination was delicious, similar to a Hershey's Cookies & Cream, only with milk chocolate (and better flavor). The only thing that kept it out of "A" territory was the finish, which I found to be too salty. It didn't ruin the bar by any means, but it was definitely noticable.


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