Thursday, October 7, 2010

Extra Key Lime Pie Gum

Extra Key Lime Gum

Sugar free gum knows no limits these days. This Key Lime Pie gum didn't show up at my local grocery store at the same time as the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Strawberry Shortcake, but it's probably the oddest of the three flavors.

Once I sample a gum flavor and take pictures, the rest of the pack usually goes on the corner of my desk, both to save my jaw and to share with my coworkers. It doesn't seem like the Key Lime Pie gum is a big hit, at least not compared to the other two Extra Dessert flavors.

Extra Key Lime Gum

The scent and taste were pretty much a dead ringer for key lime pie, but there was something about the cream element that was just a little too sour for me. It didn't stop me from enjoying the gum, but the delicate balance of citrus and cream that didn't translate here. The taste was another Willy Wonka experience, because I could have sworn I sensed a graham cracker crust, along with tart and acidic key lime and that bizarre cream sensation.

The lime and cream didn't play as well here as the strawberry and cream in Strawberry Shortcake, but that weird sour note did eventually go away, and I didn't notice it as much the next time I tried a piece. The flavor faded to a very mild, sweet lime gum pretty quickly (maybe after 2 minutes), and it became a little tough to chew. Still, this was another fun dessert experience from Extra, but not my favorite of the three flavors. Extra gets extra points for trying something different.


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Anonymous said...

Please, I beg to differ, this gum is like crack to me... if they discontinue it I shall be heartbroken.

ebidebby said...

One of my coworkers is addicted to it now, too. I hope the flavor stays around for a while!

Anonymous said...

they did a great job on this one but graham cracker? haven't detected that yet!

Anonymous said...

Key Lime Pie is the best of the flavors BY FAR!!!! It's addictive.

I can taste the graham cracker crust, too. the way they managed to convey every aspect of a key lime pie is fascinating and fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I just purchases this gum today and expected a cheap lime flavor. I couldn't believe the taste of the gum!! It was just like eating a slice of key lime pie. The graham cracker flavor and cream flavor was so beyond what I expected. Great job extra!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the best!! I'm not a big gum chewer but this gum could change that.

The first bite(?) or two were a "slap in the face" lime, but it quickly mellowed to an almost sweet lime. Definately enjoyed the fleeting grahm cracker.

My co-workers agree, this stuff is great.