Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mike and Ike Italian Ice


I suppose this is part two of my three part Mike and Ike review series. Here we have Mike and Ike Italian Ice flavors, which have been out for a while and have been reviewed by many other people. I might as well toss my two cents in.

Italian ice isn't really something I have a lot, and it's not really something I think of as strong enough to have it's own variety of spinoff candy, but I do give them credit for being creative. There were five flavors in the box: cherry, blue raspberry, watermelon, orange, and lemon.


Orange had a good tangy outer shell, but the inside was really sweet and not orangey enough. It reminded me of watered down sherbet. Probably my favorite.

Cherry reminded me of Kool Aid, but it was pretty blah and I don't have much to say about it.

Blue raspberry definitely tasted blue and reminded me of a slushy. I didn't really get any raspberry notes from it though. Just blue.

Watermelon didn't taste like watermelon at all to me. I thought it was an overly sweet green apple before I looked at the box.

Lemon was okay, but not tangy enough, and was a little bit like a floor cleaner.

Overall, these weren't very impressive. I did like that they tasted like slushies, but maybe if I had Italian ice more often, I would better be able to compare them to the real thing.


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Cindy said...

Nothing could compare to Italian ice (I'm guessing they mean gelato, right?)

Get yourself on a plane over to Italy pronto and enjoy some banana gelato during the most sweltering heat of the summer season. I lived on gelato while I was there in Summer '03 during Europe's record heat wave. Ahhhhh, gelato.

ebidebby said...

I have had gelato before, and I love it! Italian ice is water-based (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_ice) and I think I've only had lemon once at the zoo or something.

If they made gelato Mike and Ikes, I think I'd die a little inside...