Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meiji Strawberry Yogurt Kinoko no Yama

Strawberry Yogurt Kinoko no Yama

The strawberry fest continues! This pack of Kinoko no Yama came from a variety pack along with a bag of plain, and bags of plain and strawberry Takenoko no Sato. The kinoko were cuter, so I chose to review them.

Strawberry isn't even one of my favorite flavors, but it's so readily available, seemingly year round. Pink chocolate sure makes for cute snacks, so as long as the flavor is good, I don't mind.

Strawberry Yogurt Kinoko no Yama

All of the flavors of Kinoko no Yama I've tried so far have been tasty. The texture balance is great, with the crunchy cracker and the smooth chocolate. The chocolate is a little on the sweet side, but the cracker helps to nullify some of that.

The strawberry flavor was light and fruity. I didn't really get the sense of yogurt from it, but I was pleased with the taste. Yet another good Kinoko no Yama flavor! The little bag only had about 6 pieces in it, if I remember correctly, and while that's excellent portion control, I wanted more!


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Kelly said...

I LOVE kinoko no yama, but my husband likes takenoko no sato, haha, so when i buy myself kinoko i buy him takenoko too.

They both have nice flavours though, i am more of a pretzel gal while hub likes the cookie texture in takenoko.

Great review, i'll have to keep my eye out for these. :)

ebidebby said...

Thank you! I like both of them pretty equally, but I have yet to try a flavor of either that I haven't liked! Thanks for the comment!

Par said...

Wish they give more in a pack/box...hehe

ebidebby said...

K@Y - Definitely! The boxes are okay, but these little variety packs just aren't enough!

Cindy said...

きのこの山大好き!Even though the conbini in Japan offer such a great rotating variety of snacks every season, this is the staple I always reach for! In the States, I shell out about $4 bucks for a box from the 日本のスーパー and they're worth every cent.

ebidebby said...

Cindy - きのこの山はおいしいですね! Sometimes I have to pay $4.50 USD for special editions!