Monday, October 13, 2008

Chocolate Laffy Taffy

I've been absent for a while, sorry about that! I have a lot of pending candy reviews, but I'm at work on my lunch, and my tasting notes are at home. Instead, I have a new review of something I didn't know existed until today: Chocolate Laffy Taffy. Photos are courtesy of a friend's cell phone.

Normally, this is not my thing. I'm very neutral towards Tootsie Rolls, and I hate chocolate Skittles. I think I have it in my head that chocolate should not be chewy like gum and taffy, it should be like, well, chocolate. But I was surprised!

The taffy smelled like chocolate pudding or a pudding pop. It was dark brown with (unintentional) swirls of lighter brown and glossy, as Laffy Taffy should be. It tasted a little richer and smoother than a Tootsie Roll. The texture seemed to be a little less balloon-y than fruit Laffy Taffy. All in all, it wasn't bad! I don't think I'd buy any for myself (I came across these in a friend's candy jar at work) but it definitely exceeded my (low) expectations. Much better than chocolate Skittles.

I think they might be running out of jokes, though. I don't even get this one:

How did the bones cross the road?
They didn't. The dogs ate them.


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