Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nobel Blueberry Sours Gummy

Nobel Blueberry Sours

Living in the Midwest in the United States means my access to Japanese candy is somewhat limited. Some brands, like Lotte or Meiji, are fairly easy to come by, but I can't ever recall seeing Nobel candy around here. I'm not familiar with Nobel at all, but since I don't live in Japan, nor have I ever, it's no surprise.

So, without any brand knowledge, I didn't know what to expect from Nobel or these Blueberry Sours Gummies. Had I read the bag before digging in, I would have noticed that the front of the package says they're hard. Twice, actually.

Nobel Blueberry Sours

These are the firmest gummies I've ever had. They were so difficult to chew! I can't really fault them for that, since it's written on the package, but I really wasn't expecting such a firm texture. It's not what I prefer in a gummy.

The blueberry flavor was mild but fairly authentic, but these weren't even slightly sour. They might qualify as "mildly tart" but even that is a stretch. The dominant taste was sweet, and the gummies left a film in my mouth after swallowing. Even with fair warning about the hard texture, these gummies were a big disappointment.


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Jisoo said...

Hi, I enjoying reading your blog whenever I can find my free time. I am living in Japan , I recommend trying Seishun(Young age)shikekik grape from UHA.
The flavor and texture are so good. When I opened the small bag, with no big expectation, but it was so good and I emptied the whole bag in one sitting.( 35g)

ebidebby said...

Thanks for the comment, and for the recommendation! I love many candies by UHA, so I will look for the ones you recommended.

Sanao said...

Out of curiosity, where did you actually find this candy?

ebidebby said...

I won it from a raffle at a university event, but it was purchased in Japan. I'm not sure what store.