Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lion Kuma Chara Candy

Kuma Kyara Candy
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The cute factor is something that greatly influences my shopping habits. These bear candies were provided by, but had I seen them in a store, I would have at least considered buying them because the bag is so cute.

There were four flavors: caramel, salt caramel, almond caramel, and honey caramel. When I was little, caramel hard candies (like Werther's Originals) were boring and for grown ups, but the bear shapes make these a little more kid-friendly.

Kuma Kyara Candy

Caramel was buttery, smooth, and surprisingly rich and milk for a hard candy. It did taste a bit like a Werther's Original, but because of the bear shape, the edges got sharp fairly quickly.

Salt Caramel, a trendy flavor from a couple years ago, smelled and tasted salty, and it was a nice variation from the regular caramel. It was salty throughout the whole melt, with the same creaminess.


Almond Caramel was very buttery and milk, and though it had tasty hints of roasted almonds, I would have liked a stronger almond flavor, perhaps with some cherry notes. As it was, it was hardly distinguishable from the regular caramel.

Honey Caramel immediately tasted like honey. It had the same creamy texture and melt, but the floral honey flavors went well with the caramel and really set this one apart. It was my favorite of the bunch!


May I just point out that the best part is the little round tail? How cute! Rather than rate these separately, I've given them an overall grade. These would probably please fans of caramels, hard candies, or bears.


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Cindy said...


ebidebby said...

Aren't they? That tail gets me every time!

Anonymous said...

Awww. These are super adorable! :D
Really? I love Werther's Originals! Super yum! Haha, I have about half a bag right now.
I would probably like all of them too, except for the Almond just because I don't like almonds. :D

ebidebby said...

I always hated Wether's when I was little, but now I think I would like them. Almond didn't taste much like almonds, but you might be able to tell since you don't like them.

Tasty Japan said...

They look very cute :)