Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nestle Royal Milk Tea KitKat

Royal Milk Tea KitKat

After my KitKat withdrawal, I went on a bit of a buying spree. Along with the Sakura Matcha and the KitKat in this review, Royal Milk Tea, I also have Raspberry & Passion Fruit, Calpis, and Maple ready to go.

The box had an adorable, if stereotypical, British motif. However, the milk tea enjoyed in Japan is more like Hong Kong-style - a blend of black teas with condensed milk.

Royal Milk Tea KitKats

The bar had a milky and slightly floral scent, like milk tea. It was a white chocolate bar, which was a fitting base for the classic milk tea color. As I expected, it tasted very sweet.

The flavors were very mild, and though I could taste the milk and just a bit of tea, I was hoping for a stronger floral flavor. It was tasty, and I didn't mind that it was quite sweet, but just like with the beverage, I shouldn't have expected much tea flavor.

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